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Tackle House Lures

This week we have received new stock of the popular Tackle House Feed Shallows. These lures are not the cheapest hard lures out there but they have an awesome reputation for catching bass.

They all can achieve a good casting distance and in the water have a great gentle rolling action. They are all floating lures with a stated diving depth of 30-40cm, so perfect for rooting around in the gullies.

There are three Tackle House Feed Shallow models we have available to choose from, the standard Feed Shallow is 128mm long and weighs 18g.

The second is the Feed Shallow Plus, virtually the same lure but this time weighing 21g.

Finally we have the smaller Feed Shallow 105. This will swim at 5-30cm, measures 105mm and weighs 16g. This lure may be smaller but still has a big reputation for catching good fish.

Should you need any further information or help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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